Procedure for selected outgoing Students

Application deadlines will be fixed every year in March and in September.

Departure dates:
end of August to attend courses in Fall;
beginning of January to attend courses in Spring.

Schedule a Meeting with Owen T. Jones. The meeting will be helpful in providing visa, pre-departure and other common sense info. Owen T. Jones will have some paperwork for the students as well to ensure all goes well.

Once selected, the students will receive an invitation letter from the host institution (requested by the faculty contact for the FIPSE ATLANTIS grant). At that point the student will need to contact Owen T. Jones who will direct the student on how to obtain the relevant visa needed to travel.

The student will select a number of math courses (taught in english) from the list provided by the host institution in Europe.

The student will need to complete the Learning Agreement form.

The student will need to arrange for travel plans and lodging accommodation near the host institution.

Graduate Courses offered at Temple in the Fall 2010 (list will be available during the last week in March 2010)