Students mobility

Master and doctoral students are allowed to study in the CAP-mobility program if they are registered in one of the local Masters or Ph.D. program or Ecole Doctorale in Mathematics at one of the consortium Institutions.

Number of EU and US students/length of study abroad

24 visits will be organized from the EU and the same number from the US side. For a visit of 4 months the student will receive a fixed amount to cover travel and lodging. (5.000€ for EU student, 5,000$ for US student.)

Summary of study program and project activities

Students will spend abroad a semester or a minimum of four months.

  • The students will follow courses on topics not covered by their home institution. At the end of the course they will obtain a certificate from the host institution.
  • The study activity will be performed under the supervision of a tutor in the host institution, and will lead to attribution of credit hours according to a pre-established grade transport mechanism.
  • The activity has to be authorized by the home institution before the visit, assessed and approved at the end of this, and included in the curriculum of the student.
  • Agreements on recognition and transfer of credit will be based on ECTS system.
Students who want to partecipate to this program should follow the application procedure posted in the “local” website of their University (see links in the left box).

During their stay in the host institution, the students have to fill in this report.

Students are also invited to answer to these questionnaires: before leaving after return.

Comments from participants

Fall 2010

Cosimo Senni
Enrolled as a phd at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, visited University of Arkansas.
“I gained a much better english, important professional and social relationships.”
Giulia Martini
Enrolled as a graduate studenti at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, visited University of Arkansas.
“It has been a valuable experience for me. Living in a completely different environment has been challenging and stimulating.”
Federico Greco
Enrolled as a graduate student at Paris VII, visited University of Pittsburg.
“I would do it again, definitely, because it has been a great experience.”
Jean Charles Brunet
Enrolled as a graduate studentat at University of Paris VII, visited University of Pittsburg.
“I was a awesome experience to live in the US for four monthes, and it allowed me to evolop a clearr view of what are my expectation in life.”
Antoine Barb?
Enrolled as a graduate studentat at University of Renees visited Temple University.
“Study abroad is a very good experience: discover a new culture, new people...”