Teaching staff mobility

This project will be expected to arrange for mobility of faculty (academic staff members) to carry out teaching and research assignments.
Faculty interested in this travel opportunity will apply to their coordinator for funding.

Faculty mobility - accademic year 2011

Giovanna Citti
from Bologna to Temple 10-16 May 2011
The subriemannian structure of the visual cortex
- Kanitza triangle and completion problems
- The structure of the visual cortex
- density function associated to each simple cell
- the group of simple cells and their sub-Riemannian metric
Davide Barbieri
from Bologna to Temple 10-18 May 2011
Harmonic Analysis for the description of the visual cortex
- diffusion driven motion of curvature inthe subriemannian structure
- application to real images
- dimensional reduction in the visual cortex
- wavelet theory and uncertainty principle