Procedure for selected incoming Students

Before leaving home

  1. When a student is selected, his/her home institution communicates data for first registration to Università di Bologna.
  2. Then the Student Registry Office (DIRI) contacts the student and gives him/her instruction to complete registration and necessary documentation for visa.
  1. Following the received instructions, the student asks the visa.
  2. The student writes out a Learning Agreement according to the guide lines prepared by his home university and choosing the courses within the list approved by the University of Bologna.
  3. The student has to look for accommodation (SAIS).

Once arrived in Bologna

  1. The student has to go to the Student Registry Office (DIRI), where he/she will get his/her enrolment number.
  2. The student who needs language courses can contact CILTA.
  3. The student attends courses, takes the exams and gets evaluated; if necessary, the student can ask the Home University for changing the learning agreement.

Before leaving Bologna

  1. The student has to go to the foreing office (dott. Tiziana Labriola via Francesco Selmi 3) to get the certificate with passed exams and their evaluation.