Program features and Application Information for outgoing Students

The Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education (FIPSE) in the U.S. Department of Education has awarded a four year $192,000 EU-US Atlantis grant to the University of Arkansas-Fulbright College Department of Mathematical Sciences for student mobility: Excellence in Complex Analysis and PDE. The European Community has contributed 192,000 euro towards the implementation of the European side of the grant's activities.
The mobility program will allow for an exchange of graduate students in Mathematics at the Master and at the PhD level between a consortium of US and European institutions. The US consortium is composed of the University of Arkansas (Lead Institution), Temple University and University of Pittsburgh. The EU consortium is composed of the University of Bologna (Lead Institution, Italy), Universite' Paris VII Diderot ( France), Universite de Rennes (France), Universitat autonoma de Madrid (Spain). The project will involve 24 US students and 24 EU students in the course of a four years span. The duration of the exchange is one semester (typically four months). During that time the visiting students will take mathematics courses at the graduate level in at the visiting institutions.
The exchange program is a first step towards establishing a 'global curriculum' in the fields of mathematical analysis and partial differential equations.

Program requirements for U of A students

Financial Support

Housing and food costs, up to $4,000, will be provided for each student, which will cover all expenses. An additional $1,000 will be available to help defray from travel expenses.

Application Information

The University of Arkansas may send up to eight students to participate in the Academic Exchange Program. 

Applicants, who are University of Arkansas graduate students in the department of mathematical sciences, in good academic standing, should submit the following by e-mail to the program contact person Dr. Luca Capogna (

Application Documents

A letter explaining interest in and qualifications for studying at a European partner institution and discussing any previous relationship, if any with that institution. It is suggested that the letter, or resume, include information on language proficiency and research/study experience relating to the chosen institution. The letter should also include a statement about what the student hopes to accomplish while on the program and how the experience will benefit their ability to complete their mathematics degree.
Letter of support from his or her graduate advisor (when applicable).
The Selection Committee will select candidates by the end of the second month of the semester.